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Non-Law School Patron Guide to Law Library Access and Use Policies

This guide describes access and use policies at the Robert S. Marx Law Library for non-law students, staff, faculty, and members of the public.

Library Resources

Lexis & Westlaw

Due to license restrictions, we cannot offer access to Lexis and Westlaw to anyone other than current law students and law faculty. 

Westlaw Public Access

Non-lawschool patrons may access a limited selection of Westlaw databases through a dedicated computer located in the Law Library Service Suite. While this service does not provide access to all Westlaw databases, it does provide access to federal and state primary legal materials, as well as KeyCite.

Other Library Databases

Due to license restrictions, we cannot offer off-campus access to databases to public patrons, but only to current UC students and faculty.

Print Materials

The Law Library does not lend library materials to non-UC patrons unless:

Library materials not checked out may be used within the Library during regular hours. Under certain circumstances, an I.D. will be required to use materials on the premises. Photocopiers are available in the Library for the use of all patrons.

Search the UC Catalog

Government Documents

The Law Library is a selective depository for U.S. Federal Depository documents in print and digital formats. Because the Library receives only a small percentage of the government information distributed by the Federal Depository Library Program, patrons may wish to call the Law Library in advance of their visit to ascertain whether the Library has the needed information. If the Law Library cannot provide the needed resource, a law librarian may be able to refer patrons to another library that does have it.

All U.S. Federal Depository publications received by the Law Library are represented on UCLID, the online public access catalog.


Reference Librarians can facilitate a patron's use of the library, but cannot give legal advice. They can help patrons identify relevant materials and show them how to use library resources effectively. A Reference Librarian may not answer questions concerning the interpretation of the law, which law applies, or the application of law to any particular case. 

To consult with a reference librarian, please contact the circulation desk prior to your trip to the law library to set-up a consultation appointment.  Patrons who come to the law library may use the resources available to the public, but without first making a consultation appointment, there is no guarantee a reference librarian will be available to assist you with your research needs. Also, don't forget the Library's Web page and many research guides.

Please note that law students are not licensed to practice law and they cannot advise or represent you. If you need someone to explain the law to you, advise you about a course of action, or draft legal documents, then you should consult an attorney. Do not ask law students in the Law Library to help you. They are here to study or do research for classes.


A scanner is available for patrons to use at no charge.

Notice: The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material; the person using library equipment is liable for any infringement.

Public Access Computers

The Law Library provides a computer for non-law school patrons to use for searching UCLID, the University's online catalog and gaining Internet access to U.S. Federal Depository resources on the web. This computer is to be used for research purposes only. We do not have Word or other word processing programs available on public computers.

Those patrons wishing to use a computer for other purposes, including drafting documents, might wish to visit their public library. The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County has a TechCenter. A single computer in the Law Library Service Suite is available for Westlaw Public Access databases.


The Law Library has moved to a pay-for-printing system called WEPA. 

Establishing a WEPA Account:

In order to print in the Law Library, you will need to establish a WEPA account.

  1. Go to the WEPA login page.
  2. Select the Register tab.
  3. Create an account by filling in the required information and clicking the Submit button.
  4. If your account has been successfully created, the form will clear and you will get a message at the bottom of the page.
  5. To add money, go to More Options.
  6. Select deposit funds.
  7. Add money to your account using a credit card or PayPal.


There are multiple ways to print to our WEPA print station.

  1. Once you establish a WEPA account, if you have a USB device with your document, you can print directly at our public WEPA print station without an account.
    1. Insert your drive to the USB port on the WEPA print station and select the documents that you want to print.
    2. It will cost $0.13 a page for a black and white copy.
  2. Once you establish a WEPA account, if you have a document in a cloud storage service such as  DropBox, Box, Google Drive, Office 365 or OneDrive, you can access it right at the print station.  It will cost $0.09 a page for a black and white copy.
  3. Once you establish a WEPA account, you can email the document and use the WEPA Code in the reply at any WEPA print station. Once you establish a WEPA account, you can also send an email to with your user account email address and you will find your document(s) in your documents list. It will cost $0.09 a page for a black and white copy.


The nearest restrooms to the Library Service Suite are on the 1st floor of the building near the entrance/exit closest to the Campus Green Garage. Restrooms are also available in the basement stacks area and on the 2nd and 4th floors.

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