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Latin American Studies

Library resources related to Latin American Studies

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Follow these suggestions for searching online catalogs:

Use the name of an author as an author search

Use the exact title of a book as a title search

Use keywords, structuring your search as these examples demonstrate:    

  •  (KW) feminism and (KW) Latin America
  •  (KW) feminism and (KW) Latin America or (KW) Chile [Note: This search will return both Latin America and Chile linked to feminism but Latin America and Chile need not be together in the catalog record]
  •   (KW) fem* and (KW) Latin America or (KW) Chile [Note: The asterisk in this search acts as a truncation symbol returning female, feminine, feminist]

  Use Subject headings, structuring your search as these examples demonstrate

  •  (Sub) [Name of Country or State]—politics or government
  •  (Sub) [Name of Country or State] literature for example Argentine Literature
  •  (Sub) Revolutionaries—[Name of Country or State]  [Note: Personal names such as Martí, José, 1853-1895 may always be used as a subject heading]  
  •  Corporate and organizational names such as Organization of American States may always be used as a subject heading

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