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Retaining your copyright

Do you own the works you create?

In general, at the University of Cincinnati, you own the works you create.

Do you have to register for a copyright?

No, copyright is automatically given, but there are some advantages for registering.

What happens when I sign a Publisher's agreement?

Most publishers require you to assign the copyright to the publisher. Doing so may limit your ability to use and share your works with others. Problems may arise when you or others want to:

  • Use your work in a course pack
  • Place copies on print or electronic reserves
  • Mount a copy on your web site
  • Deposit a copy in your institutional repository
  • Distribute a copy to colleagues

What should I do to preserve my rights?

  • Negotiate with the publishers to retain explicit ownership of your content
  • Transfer to the publisher only those rights needed for publication.
  • Specify other rights of particular value to you or your  home institution

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