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How to Use the Online Catalog

Basic instructions and tips for finding music materials in the online catalog

Using the Title Search

Most musical works are easier to find using the Keyword Search where title words can be combined with the composer and other search words. The Title Search is most useful when you have a long distinctive phrase, which is more common with books and journals and items that are published in series or other collections or sets.

  • oxford history of western music
  • boheme vocal score
  • polyphonic music of the fourteenth century

Series title search

Efficiency hint: because the system will change or ignore them if you type them, do not use capital letters or initial articles in any language for which you know them (a, an, the in English; der, die, das, ein, eine in German; la, le, lo, los, un, una, une, uno, etc. in romance languages). Thankfully, there is no initial article in Klingon.


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