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Develop Your Research Question

Before you start searching, you need a topic! Here's a checklist to consider as you develop your research question. A good research question does the following:

  • Avoids taking a position before starting the research
  • Requires more than a simple yes/no answer
  • Has an underlying problem of significance (i.e., do other people care about it?)
  • Takes on a neutral tone and avoids loaded language
  • Can be answered with authoritiative evidence (i.e., other people have already researched the topic)
  • Seeks knowledge that is not too narrow or too broad.

For background information, encyclopedias, dictionaries & biographies:

Need a Topic?

These resouces can be very helpful if you are struggling with choosing a topic for your research assignement.  Once you have chosen a topic, proceed to the references sources, books, and articles pages.

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