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Online Learning at Clermont

Learn how to use the library as an online learner at Clermont College.

UC Libraries can be a great tool for all UC students, even if you aren't on campus! Here are 6 things you need to know to use the Libraries:

1. Be Ready to Sign In

You need to sign in with your UC Credentials to benefit from UC Libraries' resources.

Many library resources are licensed from vendors that limit access to UC faculty, staff, and students. Access to licensed library resources requires authentication by logging in with your UC username + password and Duo Two Factor Authorization. Because of this sign-in requirement, it is important to access library resources through the library's website and tools.

Library Resource Access Information

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2. Ask Us Questions

Library staff are available to answer questions whenever the libraries are open.

As you are trying to figure out the millions of things UC throws at you during your first year, feel free to reach out to us with your questions. Library staff are available in person as well as by email and chat.

Common questions include:

  • How can I find resources on [insert topic]?

  • What are peer-reviewed journal articles?

  •  I'm having trouble finding this book for my class. Can you help?

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3. Know Your Library Liaison

Every student can ask expert librarians for help with finding information.

Did you know every major on campus has a librarian assigned? We call these library liaisons because they help bring library resources to the various academic departments at UC Clermont.

We are available to answer questions via email, phone, and Zoom. These one-on-one research consultations between students and librarians are common. Consultations can be as simple as one question via email or as complex as an hour-long consultation spent locating sources. We are here to help!

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4. Use Research Guides

Research guides provide tips for completing research on your own based on the subject matter.

Each major is different, which means finding information related to each major requires different resources. Research guides are one way library liaisons try to help you find scholarly resources for your coursework. They will provide starting points for where to search based on what subject you're in.

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5. Don't Be Afraid of Books

Even online, you have access to books.

Sometimes when online, you may think you don't have access to books. UC Libraries has access to hundreds of e-books that you can access anywhere. You can also request to have print materials delivered to a library near you in Ohio or to your home if outside of Ohio. 

If you're short on time and don't think you have time for a book, don't forget chapters! A single chapter in a book can be just as short and effective as using a journal article.

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