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ImageJ Tools

Image J window

The "ImageJ" window contains

  • Menu bar
  • tool bar
  • status bar
  • a progress bar    

The ImageJ toolbar contains tools for making selections, drawings, zooming and scrolling, etc. All ImageJ tools share common features

                                                 figure images/StatusBar.png


Tool bar

  • Thefigure images/tools/triangle.png on the bottom right corner of some icons in the toolbar depicts a contextual menu that can be accessed by right-clicking on the tool icon (e.g., Stacks Menu↓).
  • If an ‘Options’ dialog is available for a particular tool, it can be accessed by double clicking on the tool icon (e.g., Wand Tool↓).

Status Bar

When the cursor is over an image, pixel intensities and coordinates are displayed in the status bar. After running a filter, elapsed time and processing rate (in pixels / second) are also displayed.

Progress bar

The progress bar, located to the right of the status bar, shows the progress of time-consuming operations. It will not appear if the operation requires less then approximately one second.

1. Area selection tools

These tools share the first four toolbar slots. As described in Toolbar↑, use the right click drop-down menu to switch a different tool. Selection Color can be changed by double clicking on the Point Tool↓/Multi-point Tool↓.

  • Rectangular selection tool
  • Rounded rectangular selection tool
  • Oval selection tool
  • Elliptical selection tool
  • Brush selection tool
  • Polygon selection tool
  • Freehand selection tool

2. Line selection tool

Use these tools to create line selections. The three line selection tools share the same toolbar slot. As described in Toolbar↑, use the right click drop-down menu to switch between line tools.

  • Straight line selection tool
  • Segmented line selection tool
  • Freehand line selection tool

3.Point tool    

Use this tool to create a point selection, to count objects or to record pixel coordinates

4. Pixel inspector

The Pixel inspector displays the values of a square neighborhood around the current cursor position as a table. Values are updated in real time as the mouse is dragged over the image

                                                           figure images/PixelInspector.png







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