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CQU-UC Joint Co-op Institute (JCI) Library Guide 联合学院图书馆使用指南

For students in the programs of the Chongqing University-UC Joint Co-op Institute (JCI).
Is the CEAS Library 24/7?
No. The Langsam Library information commons and the CEAS information commons right outside the library are both open 24/7. Current CEAS Library hours can be found on the Libraries’ Hours and Locations page.
Is there any charge to use UC Libraries?
No, the Libraries are free for UC students.
Is there any quiet study space in UC Libraries?
Yes! We have a classic reading room in the library and the second floor of the CEAS is also a quiet space for independent study. You can also find quiet space in every UC library.
Really, what are libraries like in UC?
Each UC library is quite different. Langsam Library, the main library on campus, is the biggest one, where students can find plenty of seating areas and interactive learning spaces. The CEAS Library holds collections mainly on engineering and related science subjects. Some other libraries worthy of checking out are the Music Library and the Health Science Library on the east campus.
Is it difficult to use the library?
It can be overwhelming for new students at first. Libraries in the United States use the Library of Congress Classification System for shelving most collections. The library is free and open to all UC students and you do not need to carry your ID to enter. The library is also more than a place for studying and learning. It's also for group projects and collaboration. You should also take advantage of tons of online resources which you can access 24/7, on and off the campus.
Can I still use the library after graduation?
As long as you are a member of the UC Alumni Association (UCAA), you can use the library with a valid UCAA card and an ID. Privileges include:
• 5-item check-out limit (Note: some restrictions apply to certain library collections)
• 3-week loan period
• 1 renewal
• On-site database access at public-access workstations
• Langsam Library access after 6pm with photo ID (NOTE: does not include access to the UCit@Langsam 24-hour computer lab)
Can we borrow books from UC Libraries?
You are UC Bearcats, so you can check out books from any UC library. You can only check out print books while you're on the UC campus, at the same time, we have millions of ebooks you can access anytime.
Can we download textbooks and find textbooks for the 5th year from UC Libraries' website?
It depends on the textbook. First, you need to search in the library catalog to find out. Go to, change the tab on the left to "books", type the textbook title and see the result. You'll know it is an ebook if you see "[electronic resource]" in the title. Once you click on the title, look for the "Connect to resource online" link. For the 5th year, you usually will not know what textbooks to use until you register classes in Catalyst. So don't worry about it until you arrive at UC. Check the book in the catalog first because you may find out we have copies available in regular stacks as well as reserve stacks (usually 2-hour loans)
Do most books have an eBook version?
It depends. Some do, some don't. You need to perform a search first in the library catalog.
What if I find a book which does not have an eBook version?
That means the book has no eBook version at all or the library did not purchase the eBook. If you really think the book can be used by many students, contact the libraries, we may consider purchasing the eBook right away.
What if UC does not have the book I need?
That happens, but no worries. UC is a member of two consortiums (OhioLINK and SearchOhio) and one depository, SWORD. All you need to do is to browse the catalog and fill out the request. You can request books to be sent to any UC library and the waiting period is 3-5 business days.
Sometimes it is hard to understand the whole English textbook, where can I find the Chinese translation?
The best place to find Chinese companion books is to use the Chongqing University Library. UC may have some Chinese books, but very limited.
What is the URL of the CEAS Library website?
The URL for the CEAS Library website is
How do I access electronic resources in China?
With or without using UC's VPN, on or off the campus, you still need to log in to access all electronic resources. This is a new change since the library changed the proxy service, aka, the access and authentication system. To learn more, please visit the Off Campus Access page.
The speed of browsing international websites is very slow, can you help me?
Sorry, your internet speed is out of our control. You may want to contact the internet provider.
Can we download some articles?
Sure you can! As long as you're a UC student, you can browse articles in any database on and off the campus, 24/7. 6+2 is required when you access outside the campus. Some databases allow you to download articles in a pdf or an html file. However, if you need an article that is not available online, you can request it via the interlibrary loan service.
Where can I learn to write college-level research articles and subjects based on technical reports?
UC Libraries provide sufficient online tutorials on teaching students how to do college-level research. As for technical writing, the Academic Writing Center (Langsam 401N) is a great resource. Another possibility is to see whether the library has books/ebooks about technical reports. For example, the library has the following books which you can read online.

A. Wallwork, User Guides, Manuals, and Technical Writing: A Guide to Professional English. New York: Springer, 2014

R. Greenlaw, Technical Writing, Presentational Skills, and Online Communication: Professional Tools and Insights. Hershey, PA: IGI Global, 2012.

K.V.Lann and J. T. Hackos, The Insider's Guide to Technical Writing. Laguna Hill, CA: XML Press, 2012.
How can I contact UC professors of my major?
All UC faculty use email as the main communication tool. You can find detailed information from the UC Directory.


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