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Knovel (Workshop Guide)

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Knovel is an online platform for Electronic Books where the information is enhanced using various interactive tools. Searching for a particular data/ value/ property for a particular element, compound, etc. has never been easier. With fast and efficient searches, interactive tables, charts etc., Knovel helps in increasing the efficiency of an engineer and thus is a very popular online tool among many leading universities and companies across the globe. 

Advantages of using Knovel:
1. Fast and Efficient Searches

2. Trusted Information

3. Data Analysis Tools

General Information

1. Search for properties of Materials 

Sorts by relevance, and shows you the articles you have access to. (Can also see “all” features if you want)

2. Data Searching

Using the data searching you can search for materials by name and that have specific properties

         “Tin alloys with melting points between 375 – 500 degrees”

Simple drag and dropping of the properties into the query box

Can manipulate and refine the query results using interactive headers

3.  Excel Add-in

There is a Knovel excel add-in

Knovel Tools Excel

Search Knovel from inside excel

Allows to get citation and other information (properties etc)

Plug-in has unit converter

4. Interactive tables

Large data tables that allow for easy property searching

Can manipulate/sort tables for easier viewing

Can export to spreadsheets

Can save to “My Knovel”

5. Interactive Equations

  • Web-based tool for math and engineering calculations
    • Similar to online notebook
  • Peer-reviewed equations with citations to original works
  • Equations are broken down by subject area
  • It has worked out examples for equations
  • Sometimes Knovel will even combine two equations for more generic problems
    • Two-step equations down to one step

6. Interactive graphs

Knovel offers five types of Interactive graphs

  • Equation plotter
  • Graph digitizer
  • Graph plotter
  • Phase diagram viewer
  • Parameterized Graph

Subject Areas Covered

Here is a list of the subject areas that University of Cincinnati Libraries has subscribed to in Knovel

Knovel Resources

Here are some links to various important and helpful resources that you might find useful

Knovel Overview

New Knovel Platform

1. Knovel has recently migrated to an entire new Platform. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions:

 2. If you are having some trouble with Knovel, Check out the Known Issues Webpage of Knovel:

My Knovel

Your personal Knovel area that houses all your saved searches, interactive content, etc

You can share contents of My Knovel between Knovel users, including shared folders which allow parties with the folder to share Knovel content freely

  • Create Folder is a button on My Knovel homepage
  • When you save your Knovel searches you may have to move the saved information to the folder
  • You can invite people to shared folders (must be Knovel users)

Knovel Workshop

University of Cincinnati Libraries

PO Box 210033 Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0033

Phone: 513-556-1424

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