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Energy Law & Policy


This guide provides a general overview of energy law & policy. It covers locating articles, treatises, statutory law, administrative materials, agency publications, and websites of interest. The guide can be used by students, faculty members, lawyers, and the general public.

Please contact any of our UC Law Librarians if you need assistance in finding or using any of the resources in the guide.

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Food For Thought

This guide focuses on general energy law and policy research resources.  Topics include: oil, gas, coal, solar, wind, nuclear, and renewable energy.  Climate change resources are also made available.

General Advice:  To simplify energy law research, use secondary authority or study aids, such as a legal encyclopedia, a treatise or a hornbook, to identify an appropriate subtopic of energy law.  These secondary sources can lead you to appropriate primary sources, such as statutes and cases related to the specific topic.

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