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BME2000: Biomedical Engineering in the Clinical Environment

Identify the patent(s) and related information for your device

How to Read a Patent - basic guide developed by a law firm.  Hint: "A" patent is published application, "B" is a granted patent (enforceable).

CEAS Library Guide on Patents: for many more resources.

Discovering the patents that relate to a technology

Some tips for patent and invention information:

Locate a history of the particular device, business news announcements, encyclopedia article, or other sources with the inventor name, company associated with the product.

  • Ex. Wikipedia article on angioplasty cites a seminal patent.  Search by the patent number in Google Patents and Derwent for further related information
  • Ex. search for business articles about the device, trade name or company name in Lexis Uni (linked below).  Sort to show the oldest article first to find early articles on the technology.

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