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Immigration and Human Rights Law Review Guide


Headnotes are summaries of the issues in a case.  ​


Lexis has developed a legal Topic Hierarchy that it uses to index legal opinions as well as other primary and secondary materials. The highest level of the Topic Hierarchy corresponds to broad legal practice areas.  As you expand each topic, you will find more specific Subtopics.

To use the Lexis Advance Topic Hierarchy to locate relevant cases click on "Browse" > "Topics" in the options at the top of the Lexis Advance main search box.  You can find a relevant legal Topic by either:

  1. expanding the Topics and Subtopics by clicking on the triangles OR
  2. executing a "Search for a Topic."

Once you find a relevant topic, click on the topic and select either

  1. "Get documents" to get all cases and other sources that have been assigned the topic, OR
  2. "Add topic as a search filter" to get all cases and other sources that have been assigned your topic and contain your search terms(s).

Sample Topics

Immigration Law > General Overview

Family Law > Adoption > Adoption Procedures > Foreign Adoption

Education Law > Students > Foreign Students

International Law > Individual & Sovereign States > Asylum


The West Key Number Digest contains the complete topic and key number outline used by West attorney-editors. You can use the West Key Number Digest to find topic and key numbers related to your issue and to retrieve cases with headnotes classified under those topic and key numbers. To access the West Key Number Digest, click the Key Numbers in the All Content tab on the home page. To browse the list of topic and key numbers, click the links. Once you identify relevant topic and key numbers, click the individual Key Number to retrieve headnotes. To view the full text of a case, click its title. 

Sample Topics

Aliens, Immigration, and Citizenship

Adoption (Key Number 25 Foreign Adoption)

Statutes - Federal

Relevant Immigration Statutes

  • Immigration & Nationality Act (INA) Title 8 of the U.S.C., Aliens and Nationality
  • Title 6, Domestic Security
  • Title 18, Crimes and Criminal Procedure
  • Title 22, Foreign Relations and Intercourse
  • Title 29, Labor
  • Title 42, The Public Health and Welfare

Statutes - State

Administrative Law

Relevant CFR Titles

  • Title 8, Aliens and Nationality
  • Title 20, Employee's Benefits
  • Title 22, Foreign Relations
  • Title 28, Judicial Administration Acts
  • Title 29, Labor
  • Title 42, Public Health

Code of Federal Regulations

Federal Register

Legislative History - Federal

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