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Data Management Planning

New NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy


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Beginning January 25, 2023, all NIH grant proposals that produce "scientific data", must include a Data Management and Sharing Plan.

This is a two-page document that states explicitly how the data will be managed through the life of the project as well as if and how it will be shared. 

  • NIH Staff in the funding institute or center will review the data management and sharing plans, but they are not scored
  • The goal is to maximize data sharing.
  • Once the plan is approved, the research team must comply with its terms.  Failure to do so could impact future funding
  • Update the plan if changes occur in the research design as part of the reporting process

"Scientific data" is defined as: 

"the recorded factual material commonly accepted in the scientific community as of sufficient quality to validate and replicate research findings, regardless of whether the data are used to support scholarly publications."


The most up to date information about the policy and many resources can be found on the NIH Data Sharing Website.

Writing the Data Management and Sharing Plan


There are six required elements in the data management and sharing plans

  • Data type: Identify the data to be preserved and shared
  • Related tools, software, code:  Tools and software needed to access and manipulate data
  • Standards: Standards to be applied to scientific data and metadata
  • Data preservation, access, timelines:  Repository to be used, persistent unique identifier, and when/how long data will be available
  • Access, distribution, reuse considerations: Description of factors for data access, distribution, or reuse
  • Oversight of data management and sharing: Plan compliance will be monitored/managed and by whom

To create a plan, you can use the NIH-provided template or DMPTool accessed via our Shibboleth sign-on.  Additionally, our RDS team can advise you on your plan.  Email us at ASKData@UC.EDU.  


UC Resources

We have several UC resources that can help you with your data management planning and your data management and sharing plan

1. Open Science Framework is a collaborative research platform that you can use throughout the research lifecycle.  You can use your UC 6+2 to access this resource.

2. Scholar@UC is the institutional repository.  It free to all UC community members and provides long term access and finability through metadata, DOIs and other persistent identifiers.  

3. DMPTool has templates for various funding agencies including the NIH.  You can sign into this resource with your UC 6+2 and create either a PDF or a machine readable version of your data management and sharing plan 

4. Relevant LibGuides



Data Management Planning


Other Resouces

1. NIH DMSP Guidance Resource Project

This OSF Project represents resources that Librarians and information professionals created for guidance on the new NIH Policies

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