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Digital Literacy

This guide will help you to use information technologies and the Internet to find, evaluate, use, and share information in order to succeed academically and in your future career development.

Software available at UC

University of Cincinnati provides students with licensing offerings for popular content creation software services at discounted prices. Learn about student software discounts.

Many programs for content creation are available in UCit computer labs, virtual computer labs, and Student Technology Resources Center (STRC).

Find links to additional free online tools for creating various types of content In the box below.

Free online tools for various types of content


E-books and online magazines


Data visualization: infographics, graphs, and charts

Presentations beyond PowerPoint

Videos and movies

Web pages and sites

Writing and fonts

Creating an effective presentation

Best practices for various presentation formats

  • Infographics
  • Print
  • PowerPoint
  • Posters
  • More useful information

Publish your content

Where to publish or share your content


Collaboration and file sharing

Publishing on the Web

The publishing venue will depend on the content type. Many tools for creating blogs, websites, videos, etc. will host your content. Please refer to Free online tools for various types of content for options.

Additional ideas

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