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Getting Access to ArcGIS Software

How to create your ARCGIS online account

UC Community members have access to the Ersi software ArcGIS through a state wide license managed by the Ohio Supercomputer Center. You can set up an account by logging into our UC organization.  Visit and click on "Sign In" in the upper right hand corner of the page.  

You should see a blue box that says University of Cincinnati on it.  Click this box, and the UC login window should open.  Once you log in, your account will be created.  The process to access your account will be the same each afterwards.




ArcGIS Pro License

Included in our Esri Organization, you have access to ArcGIS Pro at no cost.  To download ArcGIS Pro, follow these steps:

1) Under your profile, go to my settings

settings under profile

Then go to licenses:

licenses for Esri

Then scroll down to ArGIS Pro and click on download:

download ArcGIS Pro

Tutorials on ArcGIS

ArcGIS Resources

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