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There are many resources for Geo/GIS data collecting, managing and organizing available online. If you are running into trouble finding downloadable data, try adding the keywords "open portal" to your search. Be cyber savvy when downloading unknown files and make notes to keep your work credible, e.g., information regarding the issuing source, the primary source, the name of the person who collected the data, the issue date, the reflected time period of the data, and any licenses or files associated with the data.

To access the DAAP Server for GIS data*:

1. Map a new network drive.

If using a newer Windows operating system, open file explorer, then right-click on either "This PC" or "Network" in the left window pane to access "Map Network Drive..." and select any drive (any letter that is free). For Mac users, open Finder 

If using a Mac operating system, open Finder, then in the Go menu option select Connect to Server.

2. Enter the path you would like to connect to for the new drive (the DAAP GIS server in this case) and indicate you would like to connect using different credentials. 

If using a newer Windows operating system, type into the "Folder:" space:  \\\gis and check the box to indicate you would like to connect using different credentials. 

For Mac users: type and click okay.

4. When asked for a user name you will add an "ad\" followed by your username, for example: ad\6+2ucid, and then you will enter your current UC password.

The mapped network drive should then appear, or you may find it again using the File Explorer/Finder application.

A few other sources are available for you to explore as sub-pages to the left. If you have recommendations or need further help please ask. Thanks.

Selected readings/tutorials (electronic) for GIS and data visualization and management:

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