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Criminal Justice -- Resources & Services

The Criminal Justice Resources guides provide links to a wide range of resources to facilitate course work, scholarship and career development.

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  • Core Criminal Justice Research Literature Databases
    • These are the core databases for the criminal justice research literature.  Criminal Justice Abstracts and ProQuest Criminal Justice, the primary databases for this research literature, are listed first; the remaining databases are listed alphabetically.
  • Additional Databases Relevant to the Criminal Justice Research Literature
    • These databases also include a significant volume of research related to criminal justice, but often the research literature in these database are from other disciplines or from very general research literature databases.
  • EndNote or RefWorks
    • These citation & reference management tools can be a critical asset in the management of the resources you find in the research literature databases.

Core Criminal Justice Literature Databases

These are the core databases for the criminal justice research literature.  The two primary databases, Criminal Justice Abstracts and ProQuest Criminal Justice, are listed first.  The remainder of the core databases are listed alphabetically.  NOTE: You also may wish to review the box of "Additional Databases for the Criminal Justice Literature."  These databases index a substantial volume literature relevant to the field of criminal justice.

Additional Databases for the Criminal Justice Literature

The following research literature databases are not singularly focused on the discipline of criminal justice. However, they frequently contain relevant literature for this discipline, and frequenty the articles on criminal jusice related topics in these databases are NOT covered in the "core" criminal justice databases.

For a complete list of the UC Libraries' databases, please see the A-Z List of Databases.

EndNote or RefWorks

Citation and reference management tools provide indispensable research support for the electronic collection and management of references (including full text), and these tools facilitate the production of in-text citations, footnotes and bibliographies (for over 6,000 different style guides) in research papers and manuscripts.  Click the links below to learn more.



EndNote OR RefWorks -- Why and which tool is right for you?

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