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Criminal Justice -- Resources & Services

The Criminal Justice Resources guides provide links to a wide range of resources to facilitate course work, scholarship and career development.

Database Search Tools

Database search tools:

Nearly all research literature databases offer the tools shown below.  These tools will significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your search.  To identify the search tools for any database, select the HELP link and look for terms such Boolean, proximity, truncation or advanced searching.

Boolean operators:

AND, OR, NOT  (can vary by database or search service)

E.G.:  recidivism  AND  rape  (Retrieves records that contain both terms)


Proximity operators:

N# (Near operator), W# (Within operator)  (will vary by database or search service)    E.G.: urban N4 crime  (Retrieves records that have both terms within 4 words of one another, e.g.,  urban crime, crime in urban areas

Field qualification:

Used to limit search of concepts to specific “fields,” e.g. title or subject heading fields.

Truncation (wildcards):


The following symbols are often used:  * , ?, !, or #

(Retrieves word derivatives of a stem or  places a “wildcard” for one or two letters.)

E.G.: recidivis* retrieves recidivist, recidivists or recidivism

E.G.: wom?n retrieves women, woman or womyn



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