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Media & Design at UCBA

Includes media and graphic design resources and art history.


Ethical Use of Media

The "fair use" clause of the US Copyright Law permits the free use of copyrighted images, video, or sound for academic course assignments, teaching,  and personal research.  However, these materials require permission from the creators should you use them outside of the classroom (e.g. a personal website or a blog).  It is your responsibility to review the copryight information from the source you found the item(s) to make sure you are in compliance. For more information about copyright, refer to the "Ethical Use of Media" tab on this guide.

Looking for Course Reserves?

Search by course name (ex: ENGL 1001 or English Composition) or instructor (ex: Last name, First name) to find reserve items for your courses.

Related Guides

In addition to the resources included in this guide, there are more guides related to media and graphic design created by the librarians at the UC Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP) Library as well as a list of the electronic databases UC subscribes to in these disciplines.

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