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Gender & Law

This guide provides a quick overview of general and law materials regarding gender.


This guide provides a quick overview of general and law materials. It covers browsing for materials by call number range, using encyclopedias for background research and how to locate articles, textbooks, treatises, statutory law, administrative materials, agency publications, legislative histories and websites of interest. The guide can be used by students, faculty members, lawyers, and the general public.

Please contact any of our UC Law Librarians if you need assistance in finding or using any of the resources in the guide.

Special Notation

Throughout this guide, when sources are available through HeinOnline, Westlaw, Lexis or University of Cincinnati Libraries, it has been denoted by the following symbols:

• [H]: Available through HeinOnline
• [W]: Available through Westlaw
• [L]: Available through Lexis
• [UC]: Available through University of Cincinnati Libraries

Browsing for Materials by Call Number Range

When searching for works on gender and the law, it is important to use the library catalog to find the exact location of books. The catalog will also tell you if a book is checked out and can also help you find books located at the Reserve desk or in other special library collections.

If you would like to browse gender and the law books in the library, this guide lists the library call number ranges for some of the basic categories of gender and law issues. Note: you can also use the library catalog to browse by call number electronically.

Birth Control/Family Planning
KB3124-3125 Interdisciplinary-Birth Control-Family Planning
KBM3124-3125 Jewish Law Birth Control-Family Planning
KBP3124-3125 Islamic Law-Birth Control-Family Planning

Domestic Relations
K670-709 Civil Law-Domestic Relations-Family Law
K7155-7197 Private International Law-Domestic Relations-Family Law
KB531-619 Interdisciplinary-Domestic Relations-Family Law
KBM531-619 Jewish Law-Domestic Relations-Family Law

HQ75-76.8 Family-Marriage-Homosexuality-Lesbianism
HV1449 Social Pathology-Social and Public Welfare-Criminology-Gay Men-Lesbians
LC2574-2576 Education of Special Classes of Persons-Gays-Lesbians-Bisexuals

HQ1101-2030.7 Family-Marriage-Women-Feminism
HV1442-1448 Social Pathology-Social and Public Welfare-Criminology-Women
LC1401-2572 Education of Special Classes of Persons –Women
KF478 Women and the Law
KF3464 Employment Discrimination

Search Tips

The following search terms or phrases are useful when searching for gender and law related materials:

• feminism and the law
• feminist jurisprudence
• feminist legal theory
• gender and justice
• gender and the law
• legal feminism(s)
• lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer
• reproductive rights
• sex discrimination
• women and the law

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