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How to Find Articles

To do a general search for article resources, go to the UC Libraries home page and search from the Articles+ tab on the red search box. Here is what the search box looks like:

search box with text entered

The tool that does the search of multiple databases is called Summon. For a brief introduction to Summon view the video below. Lean more about it by going to Summon FAQ.

How to Find Peer-Reviewed Articles

Sometimes your instructor or assignment will require that you find a "scholarly article" or use a "peer-reviewed" journal. In many of our databases, you can  limit your search to scholarly articles by selecting a check-box similar to ones listed below. Look for the following options when you are searching (sometimes they appear on the advanced search page):


In many database you can filter your search results to those from scholarly/academic/peer-reviewed journals - look for this option on your search results page.

Some databases and services include ONLY scholarly journals.

If You Have a Citation

You may already have a citation for an article from your professor's recommendation or another  source. This is how you would locate the article.

Method 1

On the UC Libraries page paste your article title in the red search box. If this is an exact title enclose it in quotation marks to avoid irrelevant hits.

search box with a title entered

If the title is short and/or common, add the author's name and/or journal title.

search bos with totle and authro entered

Summon, our metasearch tool, will return results with links to online full text.

You can also use advanced Summon search.

Method 2

  • On the UC Libraries page click the Journals tab in the red search box. Alternatively you can use the search box on the Journals page of this guide. E-Journals advanced search page.
  • Type in as much of the journal title as you want.
    (Please note: this search option is for JOURNAL titles, not articles titles)!
  • Click "Search." The result will indicate which database/index to search for full text. Check the dates carefully to make sure the year you need is available electronically.

  • If an electronic version of the journal title or the desired issues it is not available electronically, you must then search the Library Catalog for a print issue. On the library record screen for the journal title note the location and call number of the journal. Please note that current issues are often found in a different location than bound journals.

Method 3.

Locate Article Full Text

In some databases full text will follow the citation. In most instances for accessing full text you will have to look for icons that may look like this:

full text icons

If you don't see those icons or links don't work, look for the ArticleLinker button or "Find Full Text at UC" link. The button or link will take you to the tool that searches for full text articles in library database. Learn how this tool works and how to make the most of it: ArticleLinker FAQ.

If the article is not available online ArticleLinker will suggest searching the library catalog for a print version or ordering the article via ILLiad (interlibrary loan):

ArticleLinker screen

When requesting items not available at UC, click the appropriate Interlibrary Loan form and login to your account with your UC Central Login username and password. If you have not used ILLiad before, you will be asked to fill out a profile. For a seamless experience, do this first. Once you are logged in, the article request form will be automatically populated with the article bibliographic information.

If All Else Fails...

If you have

  • an incomplete citation
  • an article title you don't remember exactly
  • a hard-to-research, obscure topic or concept

try Summon or Google Scholar - they are more "forgiving" than library databases. They may point you to online full text or you may search the tips above to search for a known article. Use Summon search results to see which databases cover your subject.

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