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Election Resources

Guide to election resources for the Tri-State area.

General Election Resources

Researching Candidates

Knowing which candidates are on your ballet, where candidates stand on issues, and how they have voted on issues in the past is an important part of voting. Use these resources below to help you be a more informed voter. 

Researching Issues

Not just candidates are on ballots, oftentimes ballot measures will also be present. Ballot measures are proposed legislation that voters can approve or reject. Ballot measures may also be known as propositions or questions.

Navigating Political Bias


An infographic for How to Spot Fake News, including the instructions to: Consider the source and investigate the site, Read beyond the headlines, Check the author and if they are credible, Click on the supporting sources to see if the story is supported, Check the date to make sure it's relevant, Make sure it isn't a joke or satire, Check your own biases and the Ask the experts for fact-checking help


Reputable fact-checking organizations focused on U.S. national news

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