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Chemical & Environmental Engr Grad Seminar

Homework Assignment

Homework Assignment for Chemical & Environmental Graduate Seminar
20 ENVE 7005

For this assignment, you will research a topic by finding materials in the library and its online resources, then write a short paper (can be one page) on your topic.  References cited in the text of the paper must be included in a list of references at the end. Satisfactory completion of the assignment is required for seminar credit.

The assignment will be due when the seminar meets Monday, October 29, 2018.


1. Select a Specific Topic

Select a specific topic within the research area you are considering for your thesis.  If you do not have a topic, pick something of interest to you in chemical engineering, environmental engineering, or environmental science. Make your topic as focused and well-defined as possible. If necessary, explore the literature first to help decide what specific area you will focus on.

2. Begin your Paper

Begin your paper with an introductory paragraph describing your topic, including the key terms or concepts for the specific aspect or application you are researching.

3. Search for Information

Search for information on your topic in the following sources. Keep track of which source your information came from. Each source you use will be cited in your list of references. Each reference should be unique.

3A. Find one book. Use the UC library catalog to identify a book.  You may also use CRCnetBASE, Knovel, SpringerLink, ScienceDirect, Wiley Online, or other e-book providers under CEAS Books Online to find material.  Locate the book online or on the library shelves.  Review contents of the book relevant to your topic. In your list of references, provide a complete citation for the book according to the prescribed format.

3B. Find ONE reference book relating to your topic. For help, you can refer to the Subject Guides for CEAS disciplines.  Find section of the guide called HANDBOOKS and ENCYCLOPEDIAS.  Find the book online or in the Reference section of the library. Provide a complete citation for the reference work in your list of references, including the specific pages of the book containing relevant information.

3C. Find one journal article using one of these general databases. Read the article and cite in your list of references.


3D. Find one journal article or book chapter using ONE of the following specialized databases. Review the article and cite it in your list of references, indicating which database you used.

3E. Find a newer article that cites an article of interest you have already found.  Use Scopus, SciFinder, or Google Scholar's citation linking capabilities.  Use the "Article Linker" button to locate the full-text of the article.

3F. Located one article or book chapter using Google Scholar .  Review the article and cite it in your list of references, indicating which database you used.

4. Based on the information you have read in the above six sources, add paragraphs

Based on the information you have read in the above six sources, write an introductory summary paragraph on your topic and how you searched for it.  Use your own words. DO NOT cut and paste information from the abstracts or articles you found. Improper citing of quoted or paraphrased material constitutes plagiarism.

5. Conclude the paper with a List of References in ASCE format

Each reference cited in your text should be identified by a [number in brackets] corresponding to its number in the list of references used.

References should be numbered in the order they appear in your paper. Please preface each reference with the source by which you found the reference, as illustrated below:

Library Catalog OR E-Book collection:

Reference book from Guide:

General database (name):

Specialized database (name):

Web of Science (state the name of the cited author or the cited article after the reference):

Google Scholar:


Make sure your paper has your name.

Name your file as follows:  lastname_ENVE-CHE-Grad_library.doc


ChE & EnvE Graduate Seminar

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