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Chemical & Environmental Engineering Graduate Seminar

Homework Assignment

Homework Assignment - Chemical & Environmental Graduate Seminar

For this assignment, you will research a topic by finding information in the library's online or print resources, then write a brief paper (approx. 1 page) on your topic with cited references and a bibliography.  (Note: References cited in the text of the paper must be included in the works cited/bibliography at the end.)

The assignment is due in Canvas by 5:00pm on Mon 10/31/2022.

Satisfactory completion of the assignment is required for seminar credit.


1. Select a Specific Topic

Select a topic that relates to your graduate research.  

If you do not have a research focus, select a topic of interest to you in chemical engineering, environmental engineering or environmental science. Keep your topic as focused and well-defined as possible. Explore the literature as needed to help you find a focus area.

2. Begin your Paper

Begin your paper with an introductory paragraph on your topic, including key terms or concepts for the particular aspect or application you will research.

3. Search for Information

Search for information on your topic in the following sources. Keep track of the citation(s) for books and reference sources you use. Each source you use should be cited in your list of references.

3A. Find at least one book. Use the UC Library Catalog or the CEAS E-Books & Proceedings Online page to search for books, either from specific publishers, including Springer, ScienceDirect (Elsevier), Taylor & Francis / CRC, and Wiley.  Find the book online or locate the print copy at the library.  Review the contents of the book to find relevant information. In your bibliography, provide a complete citation for the book per the stated citation format.

3B. Find one online reference book relating to your topic. Refer to the "Online Reference Books" section of this guide.  Find an online encyclopedia, compendium or handbook related to your topic.  Provide a citation for the reference work in bibliography, including the URL and specific pages as pertinent.

3C. Find at least one related journal article or conference paper using a general database.  See the "General Databases" section of the guide - examples are Google Scholar, Web of Science, Compendex, SciFinder. Review the article and cite in your bibliography.  Indicate which database(s) you searched.

3D. Find at least one journal article or conference paper in a Specialized Database.  See the "Specialized Databases" section of the guide.  Review the article and cite it in your bibliography. Indicate which database(s) you searched.

3E. Find at least one 'citing reference' article that cites an article you have already found through your searching.  To use this feature, search in Web of Science, Google Scholar, SciFinder-n.  Locate the full-text of a relevant 'citing reference' article and review.  Cite it in your bibliography, indicating which of your articles it cites and which database you searched to find it.

3F. Located at least one data set or patent related to your topic.  This guide offers many options for locating one or the other, including Knovel, GIS resources, and Patent Database sources.  Cite the relevant item you find in your list of references.  Indicate the database(s) you searched.

4. Write a summary

Based on what you found in your searching, write an introductory / summary paragraph about your topic and your search process.  Describe the databases searched, keywords and key phrases that were useful, how you updated your search to get more relevant results.  Use your own words, and do not simply cut / paste from your sources unless direct quotation is necessary.

5. CIting Sources, Creating a Bibliography (ASCE format)

As you write your summary, identify your cited works in the text with a [number in brackets].   These numbers correspond to the bibliography list.  Please number references in your bibliography in the order that they are identified in your summary. 

**Cite sources with the ASCE Citation Format - see

Preface each reference in your bibliography with the type of resources.  Examples:

Library Catalog OR E-Book collection:

Online Reference Work:

General database (name):

Specialized database (name):

Citing article - database (name):

Data Set Resource or Patent database:


Name your assignment paper as follows:  lastname_ENVE-CHE-Grad_library.doc



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