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Frederick A. Marcotte Library for Faculty

A landing page to learn more about library resources available to Clermont College faculty.

Instructor Resource Center

If you're looking to better understand how the Frederick A. Marcotte Library can support your curriculum, professional development, or student learning, visit the Instructor Resource Center in Bearcats Landing. Topics include the Library Liaison Program, Instructional Resources & Information Literacy, Curriculum Support (including collection development & affordable learning initiatives), and Student Learning Support.

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Course Support from Your Library


There are several ready made Canvas modules from your library covering broad topics, such as using APA, to those for specific courses such as ENGL1001 or a first-year experience course. These modules can be used as-is or customized by working with your librarian. You can preview these modules below or contact your librarian for more information.


In an effort to put more library resources at students’ fingertips, UC Libraries is working to install collection resources directly into Canvas through vendor integrations. While each vendor's integration is slightly differently, they will allow you to share specific articles and eBooks quickly and easily with your students, eliminating the need to scan documents or find permalinks. It will also provide students with access and accessibility options.

The UC Libraries have several other vendor integrations coming and we look forward to making these available to you and your students. 

Currently available integrations are listed below, with each link providing more information on the use and installation of each integration. Email if you need assistance!

The cost of textbooks has risen over 1000% since 1977, largely because students are "captive" consumers who have to buy their assigned texts, regardless of the price. Textbook affordability looks to find new ways to off set those costs for students through mechanisms such as course reserves, open educational resources (OER), or library resources.

Course Reserves

In support of the college's teaching mission and affordable learning initiatives, the Frederick A. Marcotte Library purchases core textbooks that cost more than $100 for Clermont College courses. Students should request the textbook at the library information desk. Some textbooks may be available as an e-textbook.  Faculty can also place Frederick A. Marcotte Library materials or their own text materials on reserve to keep important resources widely available to students.

Our mission is to provide resources that support teaching, learning, and research. Therefore, we support your curriculum. This includes taking collection development recommendations, required reading support (through course reserves and affordable learning initiatives), and research assignment alignment help.

Our library liaison program is an important means to facilitate this support and direct you to other relevant resources that may be available through UC Libraries.

Use Library Resources

Clermont College librarians are committed to student-centered learning. We design lessons intentionally with active learning in mind. Just tell us what you'd like students to learn, and we'll develop a session based around information literacy concepts and skills, not just library search tools. We offer information literacy support for classes offered both in-person and online, as well as hybrid courses.

Options can include visiting your classroom, hosting a webinar, creating canvas modules, participating in canvas discussion boards, developing instruction videos, and more. It just starts with conversation about your learning outcomes and needs!

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