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Library Resources for Canvas

This guide is available to assist instructors with utilizing library resources in Canvas.

Utilizing Permalinks in Canvas Course for Library Resources

Instead of uploading articles, chapters of books and other course documents, where possible use a permalink to the library resource itself. This allows the students to have direct access to the resource from the vendor - giving students the ability to interact with the resources in a number of ways, including accessibility options. You can also use the permalink to link to specific records in the Library Catalog. 

It is also recommended to add the proxy to the permalink while setting it up, allowing students to log in for Off Campus use without having to leave your Canvas course. See below for information on how to do this.

*Note: If you are linking to an individual database, please use the Library Guides tool. Information on this can be found on the Databases in Canvas page in the left-hand navigation.*

How to Find a Permalink

1. Do not use the URL from the address bar! In library databases this is likely a temporarily-generated link and the stability is not guaranteed! 

2. Remember that every database is a little different. Look for phrases like Permanent Link, Stable Link, or Permalink in menu bars. It may also be located under sharing options. It might also just be indicated by an icon to click or hidden under a Share menu. 

3. The DOI is also acceptable and can have the proxy added to it

4. If possible, use the permalink for the database the article is actually in, not one where just the citation or article linker is the only available information. (For example, permalinks for Summon are only linking to information about the article, not the actual article.)

The following video shows how to find a permalink in the Ebsco databases. This video has no sound.

The following video shows how to find permalinks (or Document URLs as ProQuest calls them) in ProQuest databases. There are multiple ways to do this and this video demonstrates two of them. This video has no sound.

Adding the Proxy Login

If you'd like to add the UC Library proxy to the permalinks and allow for students to be automatically prompted to login in with their username and passwords you must add the following information to the beginning of the permalink or DOI. The permalink or DOI would be added immediately following the equal sign or forward slash, respectively.

Note: Some databases will automatically add the library proxy to the permalink URL when you retrieve the permalink. If the database has, you do not need to add anything else to the URL. You are encouraged to check if this automatically generated proxy works.

For Permalinks:

For DOIs:

If you don't feel comfortable adding the proxy yourself, UC Libraries has a Proxy Generator

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