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Clermont College Library for Faculty

A landing page to learn more about library resources available to Clermont College faculty.

Below, you'll find information on how library resources and librarians can help within your course. This entire area of the course is hidden from students (unpublished) and is only intended to assist the instructor. Please do not publish this link/page. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Clermont College Library at

Canvas External Tool Integrations

You can embed library resources into Canvas through the external tools for a hands-off approach to ensuring the content is up-to-date. Current items able to utilize the external tool functionality include:

  • Library Databases
    Databases will allow your students to go directly to the resource without navigating multiple clicks and scrolls. Additionally, it will automatically insert the proxy for Off-Campus users, prompting any off-campus user to log in first, and you wouldn't need to worry about any future proxy or URL changes.
    Note: Because Summon is not a database, the best way to embed it into Canvas is through a research guide. 
  • Research Guides
    Research guides are topical or course-specific resources built by a librarian to help navigate library resources via a platform called LibGuides. With the LibGuides LTI, you can embed an entire guide, a single page from the guide, or a single box on a page.
  • Course Readings *NEW*
    If you have a reading available in an EBSCO database, this integration you to quickly and easily share it with your students, eliminating the need to scan documents or find permalinks. It will also provide students with access and accessibility options.
  • Video Tutorials & Library Digital Media
    The library has made tutorials that are available within its Media Space and some within the Shared Repository. Additionally, library media resources such as Kanopy and Films on Demand have embed codes that you can place within Canvas; however,  because of intermittent issues with embedding in Canvas, we also highly suggest you insert a direct link to the media. 

If you need help finding, selecting, or embedding these resources into your course, you can ask for help at

Integrate Library Instruction

The library is uniquely positioned to help develop the information literacy skills of our students within the Clermont Core. Our librarians are excited to support your students in learning these critical skills in collaboration with you. You can learn more about how the library supports information literacy holistically, including synchronous and asynchronous instruction, or join our Canvas community. The Canvas community provides an opportunity to connect about teaching information literacy and has sample Canvas modules you can request for use in your course.

Utilizing Permalinks in Canvas Course for Library Resources

Instead of uploading articles, chapters of books, and other course documents, where possible use a permalink to the library resource itself. This allows the students to have direct access to the resource from the vendor - giving students the ability to interact with the resources in a number of ways, including accessibility options. You can also use the permalink to link to specific records in the Library Catalog. 

To make sure your students will have access to library resources, you may need to use a proxied permalink or DOI. Please see the link below for more information on creating proxied permalinks.

Textbook Affordability

Did you know the library can help you find content to convert to a zero-textbook cost for students? Learn more about open education resources or develop your own! For more information, contact your library liaison.

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