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Library Resources for Canvas

This guide is available to assist instructors with utilizing library resources in Canvas.

Library Guides in Canvas

Library Guides can be embedded into a Canvas course through the Library Guides feature in the Rich Content editor in Canvas. This will allow your students to access the library resources without leaving the Canvas course itself.

You can also use this tool to embed a Summon search box into your course.

*Note: See the Databases in Canvas page in the left-hand navigation for information on embedding other library databases into your course.*

Embedding Library Guides into Canvas Courses

Library Guides can be added in a couple different ways to Canvas courses. 

  • the entire guide can be embedded
  • a single page from a guide can be embedded
  • a single box from a page from a guide can be embedded

The quickest way to embed one of these options is to know what guide you are targeting before you go to embed it. This will allow you to search for the specific guide instead of scrolling through the long list of available guides.

If you are unsure which of these options is best for your course, or you are unsure which guide to embed, please contact your library liaison to assist with this. 

The video below demonstrates how to embed an entire library guide - in this case the Education Basics guide - into a Canvas course and what it looks like.

Note: the video below has no sound.

Embedding a Summon Box into a Canvas Course

Summon is considered a discovery tool and not a database. Because of this, it is not listed in the Databases A-Z list and, therefore, cannot be directly embedded into a Canvas course using that option.

While you can opt to simply insert a link to the tool, using the Library Guide tool in Canvas you can insert a Summon search box into your course, as the video below demonstrates. This will allow students to begin their search before leaving the Canvas environment.

Note: The below video has no sound.

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