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International Human Rights

Human rights may be inalienable rights but they depend on State actors to enforce through laws and policies. This guide helps you research those laws and policies.

Non-Governmental Organizations

An NGO or Non-governmental Organization is an international organization consisting of non-governmental representatives and individuals, a characteristic that distinguishes them from IGO’s. NGO’s have no international legal status; therefore, they do not enter into treaties or other international agreements, although they might promote such agreements. NGOs tend to publish many reports, newsletters, and documents that may not have a great deal of legal weight, but are valuable to the researcher because they document country, economic, and social conditions and provide analysis which indicates the sources, problems or issues. You just have to be aware of any bias.

There are several ways to find NGOs.  The following are some of the most reliable:

Selected Human Rights NGOs

The following is a short, alphabetical list of selected, well-known NGOs that work in the human rights area.

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