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Library Resources for Canvas

This guide is available to assist instructors with utilizing library resources in Canvas.

Library Tutorials and Videos in Canvas

The UC Libraries have a variety of videos, including tutorials on using library databases, and preparing for research, that can be included in Canvas in a number of ways, as outlined below.

If you would like to browse all the available videos from the UC Libraries, links are available here: 

Utilizing the Shared Repository

The Shared Repository is a feature of Kaltura MediaSpace that allows faculty to browse content created by others and insert it directly into a Canvas course. While not all library videos are available through the Shared Repository, a good number are. This is the easiest and fastest way to embed available library videos into a Canvas course.

The video has no sound.

Embedded Videos and Tutorials directly from YouTube/Kanopy/Films on Demand/Etc.

If one of the videos or tutorials you would like to use is not in the Shared Repository, you likely can use the video's embed function to make the videos available in your course. While the video below demonstrates how to do this using videos from the database Kanopy, it can similarly be applied to a number of other video platforms, like YouTube or Films on Demand. 

Some of our film databases (specifically, Films on Demand) have intermittent issues with embedding in Canvas. For that reason, as a best practice we also highly suggest you also insert a direct link to the media.

*Note: Occasionally, there may be viewing permissions for videos (i.e. they aren't able to be shared publicly, copyright permissions, etc.) that may make this option unavailable for use for the specific video you are trying to embed.*

The below video has no sound.

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