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Library Resources for Canvas

This guide is available to assist instructors with utilizing library resources in Canvas.

Library Modules in Canvas

Librarians have begun to develop modules for use in Canvas courses to provide online instruction for your students in some core information literacy areas. Once imported, these modules are usually able to be modified to fit any content you may or may not be covering in your course by simply editing, reordering or deleting pages. For the modules that include quizzes, you can always change point values, add questions or take away questions.

Importing Library Modules from the Canvas Commons

One of the easy ways to import modules into your course is through the Canvas Commons. This will allow you to import the module, edit the module in your course and, if applicable, receive a notification when the modules are updated. 

The video below will demonstrate the process of finding, importing and editing a module from the Canvas Commons. 

The video has no sound.

Current Library Modules in the UC Canvas Commons

  • Introduction to the Information Timeline
  • Plagiarism: Why it Should Matter to You

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