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Racial Justice Resources for Activists, Advocates & Allies

This guide serves as a resource for the UC community to learn about activism and allyship as it pertains to racial justice and anti-racism.

CARA Levels of Engagement

UC’s Coalition for Anti-Racist Action (CARA) is composed of pledge signers as either a Member or Friend.

Members are listed as CARA members on this public-facing web page. Members also engage in anti-racist action through CARA or through another organization at UC.

Friends are added to our group in MS Teams (provides access to files) and provided email updates and notifications. Those who join CARA as friends now may become members when they are ready.

If you are interested to join the coalition please sign the pledge (UC authentication required).  If you are seeking information please contact the coalition at CincyCARA[dot]information[at]gmail[dot]com.   

CARA Leadership

First Name Last Name                  Role - Name of Committee

MK Lamkin                                       Co-Chair              

Trent Pinto                                       Co-Chair              

Amy Koshoffer                                 Secretary     

Amy Hobek                                       Action Committee Chair -Anti-Racist Curriculum

Andy Obregon-Mantilla                  Action Committee Chair - Student Facing Communication & Organizing

Kyle Key                                             Action Committee Chair -Student-facing Communication and Organizing

Suzanne Buzek                                 Action Committee Chair -Reading and Discussion

(Vacant)                                             Action Committee Chair -Reading and Discussion

Audra Morrison                               Action Committee Chair -Resources          

CARA Members (updated 2023-02-23)

Lora Alberto

Keysha Alston

Courtney Amicon

Amund Amundson

Philip Argyres

Carrie Atzinger

John Ash

Eli Awtrey

Amanda Bachus

Lisa Barlow

Blaire Bartish

Littisha Bates

Joseph Baumgartner

Abby Beausir

Hannah Becker

Ruth Benander

Matt Bennett

Dana Bisignani

Colin Bischoff

Lori Bishop-Ley

Core Black

Amy Blankenship

Debbie Brawn

Ryan Brinkman

Hannah Bush

Melinda Butsch-kovacic

Olivia Cameron

Emilie Camp

J.A. Carter

Leah Chamberlain

Amber Chapa

Tiffany Chin

Donna Chrobot-mason

Sarah Clift

Emily Cloud

Shari Coffey

Kimberly Conger

Angie Cook

Corinne Cook

Samantha Cook

Terri Corbett

Mikaila Corday

Marcell Crawford

Shea Cummings

Shelby Dance

Akanksha Das

Marlow Davis

Tracy Davis

Laura Dell

Steve Depoe

Erin Drake

Eden Driscoll

Kate Durso

Louito Edje

McKinley Estime

Beth Faller

Chas Figueroa

Stefan Fiol

Emily Flannery

Daniel Floyd

Madeline Foley

Aimee Frame

Craig Froehle

Kathy Fryman

Anne Fugard

Madeleine Gaiser

Ann Gakumo

Doe Gavin

Arin Gentry

Julie Gill

Derek Goeglein

Kelsi Goins

Stacey Gomes

Paul Gordon

Ellie Graham

Erinn Green

Susan Gregson

Angie Gresham

Lisa Griffith

Emma Hage

Danny Hagedorn

Rebecca Hale

Helene Harte

Savanna Hernandez

Laura Hildreth

Abigail Foltz Hottle

Kathleen Hulgin

Mark Hunter

Jenny Hyest

Elizabeth Jean-Baptiste

Eric Jenkins

Lisa Johnson

Megan Johnstone

Mika Karikari

Annie Kelly

Alex Kemphaus

Sara Kennedy

Benedetta Khoury

Gail Kiley

Colleen King

Jackie Knapke

Peter Kobak

Stephanie Kollmann

Josh Kremer

Jack Kunkle

Tres Kutcher

Keith Lanser

Fran Larkin

Ann Latham

Shannon Lehwald

Stevie Leigh

Annulla Linders

Kris LoFrumento

Kevin Louderback

Nicole Machovina

James Mack

Lisa Mahle-Grisez

Heather Maloney

Sarah Manchak

Susan Mantel

Stacey Martin

Dani McBride

Lawrence McCullough

Sarah Grace Mccollough

Elizabeth McLean

Patty Mcgrew

Brian Metcalf

Joshua Moermond

Nathan Morehouse

Katie Mosure

Ardythe Morrow

TJ Murphy Baker

Heather Norton

Shawna Obregon

Andres Obregon-Mantilla

Emily Paolucci

Loren Papin

Rachel Parks

Margaux Patel

Terri Pelley

Danielle Petermann

Alaina Peters

Rhonda Pettit

Heidi Pettyjohn

Lela Pickett

Matthew Pickett

Glenn Prince

Miriam Raider-Roth

Teri Reed

Brandy Reeves

Brenda Refaei

Suzanne Reller

Erin Rinto

Gwen Roemer

Anne Rohlfer

Susan Roth

Katie Savage

Olivia Schafer

Susan Schlembach

Sarah Schroeder

Christopher Segall

Paula Shear

Christine Shi

Krista Sigler

Paula Silva

Carolyn Smith

Ebony Speakes-Hall

Richard Stackpole

Traci Steehler

Kristy Stewart

Cathy Stough

Annie Straka

Jennifer Sturm

Rodney Swope

Eira Tansey

Lauren Tate

June Taylor-slaughter

Anthony Thomas

Lauren Thomas

Hannah Thompson

Lisa Timman

Evan Torner

Nicole Trimble

Carlie Trott

William Umphres

Jivanto Van Hemert

Phuongloan Vo

Emily Wages

Kristen Walker

Rose Marie Ward

Julie Weast - Knapp

Ashley Webber

Margaret Weiner

Emily Westbrook

Jodi Whitted

Rebecca Williamson

Catherine Willoughby

Heather Wischer

Pamela Wissman

Jenny Wohlfarth

Angie Woods

Jennifer Wright-Berryman

Kate York

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