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Racial Justice Resources for Activists, Advocates & Allies

This guide serves as a resource for the UC community to learn about activism and allyship as it pertains to racial justice and anti-racism.

Racial Healing and Authentic Allyship

Racial Healing and Authentic Allyship for Emerging Leaders  

A Pilot Program for UC Staff, Faculty, and Administrators  


In this leadership development program, colleagues across identity groups engage in racial healing as an essential step toward building trust and authentic allyship. As allyship develops, participants begin collaboratively developing strategies to address racial inequities within their sphere of influence.  

We seek 20 colleagues who understand systemic racism exists at UC and are committed to being part of the solution.  

How to Apply 

Faculty, staff, and administrators of all ranks and roles are encouraged to apply. Members of the cohort will be selected based on interest and experience. Applicants will be informed of their acceptance to the program in mid-August.  

Submit this application by July 26, 2024, to be considered.  


This program runs September 2024 to March 2025. Participants attend Friday meetings twice per month: one in-person and one in Zoom. The first and final meetings are 3 hours, in person, and include lunch. Other in-person meetings are 2 hours and include refreshments. To further process in-person meetings, we will meet for 1-hour in Zoom two weeks after each in-person meeting. Weeks marked with a “*”, include a racial healing circle facilitated by a practitioner from UC’s Center for Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation.  


In-person meetings are expected to occur at the Faculty Enrichment Center on Main Campus (5th floor, Langsam Library, awaiting confirmation). 




Time & Location 




Racial Healing and Trust* 


Sept. 13 

12 pm – 3 pm (in person) 


12-1:00: Welcome/Introductions, Lunch 

1-1:30:   Co-create intentions, ground rules 

1:30-3:   Racial Healing Circle 



Higher Education & Anti-Racist Teaching Podcast: Episode 39: Moving from Theory to Practice 

Reflection Meeting 

Sept. 27 

11 am – noon (virtual) 

Refer to Week 1 Resources 


Leveraging Natural Ways of Being for Authentic Allyship 


Oct. 11 

1 pm - 3 pm (in person) 


1:00-1:30:  Opening discussion: What does authentic allyship look like? 

1:30-2:30: Strengths in the Room 

2:30-3 Closing discussion: Advocacy Priorities 


Resources TBD 

Reflection Meeting 

Oct. 25 

11 am – noon (virtual) 

Refer to Week 3 Resources  



Racial Healing and Accountability* 


Nov. 8 

1 pm – 3 pm (in-person) 


1-1:30: Opening Discussion: What is accountability in this work? How do we hold ourselves & others accountable? 

1:30-3: Racial Healing Circle 



Resources TBD 

Reflection Meeting 

Nov. 22 

11 am – noon (virtual) 

Refer to Week 5 Resources 


New Opportunities for Advocacy 


Jan. 17 

1 pm – 3 pm (in person) 


1-1:30: Opening Discussion: New Year’s Resolutions 

1:30-2: What advocacy looks like. 

2 – 3:00: Name and claim opportunities for advocacy. 



Resources TBD 


Reflection Meeting 

Jan 31 

11 am – noon (virtual) 

Refer to Week 7 Resources 



Racial Healing and Radical Love* 


Feb. 14 

1 pm – 3 pm (in person) 


1-1:30: Opening Discussion: What is radical love (historical context)? How is it expressed?   

1:30-3: Racial Healing Circle 



Resources TBD 


Reflection Meeting 

Feb. 28 

11 am – noon (virtual) 

Refer to Week 9 Resources 



Radical Next Steps 

Mar. 14 

12 pm – 3 pm (in person) 


12-1:00: Closing Lunch 

1-2: Review intentions, explore next steps 

2-3: Small group planning 



Resources TBD 


Program Administrators 

June Taylor-Slaughter, Research and Services Program Manager, UC Libraries 

MK Lamkin, PhD., Assoc. Prof. Educator & Program Director, Undergraduate Research, CCPS 

Joe Minarik, Phd., Asst. Prof., UC School of Social Work 


  • UC Libraries RESPECT Committee 

  • College of Cooperative Education and Professional Studies (CCPS) 


  • UC Center for Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation (CTRHT) 







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