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Research Strategies for Classics Majors : A Tutorial



This tutorial is chiefly aimed at undergraduate majors in Classics and beginning graduate students who are about to write a research paper, a junior or senior thesis. To illustrate this step-by-step approach to research, a topic, “Aristotle on the Function of Music in Tragedy,” has been chosen. It seems a particularly useful one for this purpose since it incorporates several disciplines -- ancient Greek language and literature, philosophy, music, history, education, and politics -- and, therefore, offers good practice in conducting research at the UC Libraries. To illustrate these principles of research, as well as to highlight a multitude of library resources at the University of Cincinnati, especially in the John Miller Burnam Classics Library, concrete searches are performed. 

Note: This tutorial, directed primarily at American undergraduates at UC, favors English-language publications. Needless to say, in the real world it is not advisable to exclude relevant scholarship in languages other than English.  

To do research at UC requires knowledge both of how the online Library Catalog works and also some basic knowledge of the organization of materials in this and most other academic research libraries in the United States.

Euripides’ Orestes: Vienna, Papyrus G2315.

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