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Guidelines for Additions to the Rare Book Collection

Guidelines for Additions to the Rare Book Collection

The Rare Book Collection of the University Libraries contains printed materials and manuscripts supporting the instructional programs and research efforts of the University. Because of their research value, or physical condition, these materials are maintained under conditions of environmental and physical control and administered by the Archives & Rare Books Library

Materials are added to the Rare Book Collection through purchase, gift, or transfer. This document pertains to placement decisions for materials purchased for, accepted for, or held in the University Libraries Collections as a whole, not the Rare Book Collection in particular. Policies for the active acquisition of materials specifically for the Rare Book Collection will be addressed in the Rare Book Collection Acquisition Policy.

The factors on the following pages are to be used in evaluating items for addition to the Collection. Decisions regarding additions to the Collection are made by the Head of the Archives & Rare Books Library in consultation with other Selectors, Faculty, the Associate University Librarian, and the Dean & University Librarian as appropriate.


Reviewed 5/27/05 

Rare Book Collection Additions

Factors for Evaluation

1. Publication Date

        1. All Books printed before 1701

        2. Books printed in Europe before 1801

        3. All books printed in the U.S. before 1821

        4. All books printed between the Allegheny Mountains and the Mississippi River before 1851

        5. All books printed west of the Mississippi River before 1891

        6. All books printed in Alaska before 1913

        7. All books printed in Hawaii before 1901

2. Nature of Publication

        1. Ephemeral publications

        2. Miniature books

        3. Compilations by collectors

3. Rarity

        1. Number of copies reported in other institutions

        2. Market rarity

4. Publishing & Bibliographic History

        1. First editions and first printings

        2. Later editions significant to the publishing history of the book, author, or publisher

5. Historical Significance - First editions of central works

6. Illustrations - Significant original graphics

7. Association & Inscribed Copies

        1. Books signed by the author

        2. Presentation copies of the author

        3. Books that may be of little intrinsic value but that have belonged to famous people

        4. Annotated works, especially if the annotator is known

8. Limited Editions - 750 copies or less

9. Important Presses

10. Manuscripts in Book Format

11. Strengths of the Existing Collection

12. Condition

        1. Bibliographic Condition

        2. Physical Condition

13. Price

14. Binding

15. Duplicate Copies 

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