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Subjects covered :  Cohen is an eclectic library enrichment collection endowed by Julie Cohen in memory of A.B., Dolly, and Ralph Cohen, her father-in-law, mother-in-law, and husband.  Fiction selected for the Cohen Collection falls into two categories: well-reviewed debut works in English and works in other languages newly translated into English.  Nonfiction ranges broadly across many subject areas.  From astronomy to zoology nonfiction titles are written for the well-educated layperson.  Works selected in either fiction or nonfiction must be appropriate for an academic collection.

Departments and users served :  Since 1979 the Cohen Collection has provided a browseable selection of fiction and nonfiction books for the reading pleasure of UC students, faculty, and staff.

Quantitative information :  Books in the Cohen Collection are current publications. Older books in the Cohen Collection are removed from the Cohen area to be shelved in the Langsam Library book stacks

General Description of Collection

Location of collection :  The Cohen Collection is located on the 4th floor of the Langsam Library at the entrance to Starbucks.

Collection history :  The Cohen Collection is funded by the Library Enrichment Fund, a gift of Julie Cohen in memory of A.B., Dolly, and Ralph Cohen, her father-in-law, mother-in-law, and husband.  In 1979 the first Cohen books became part of the library's general humanities and social sciences collections. Cohen books are identifiable by their bookplate:


Cohen Bookplate


Call numbers :  With the exception of works classified as encyclopedias or bibliographies all call number ranges are represented. 

Languages :  All materials are in English or in English translation.

Geographical areas No restrictions are placed on areas of geographic coverage.

Types of resources :  The Cohen Collection is a print collection.

Circulation Policy: Books in the Cohen Collection are restricted to a 3-week nonrenewable loan period.  Books in the Cohen Collection are available on loan through OhioLINK or Interlibrary Loan, subject to the same restrictions.  Cohen books transferred to the bookstacks are subject to the same terms and restrictions that apply to any book in the Langsam Library’s circulating collections.

Endowed areas :  This collection is funded solely by the Library Enrichment Fund.  Gift books are not added to this collection.

Acquisitions Processes

Approval plans :  This collection is not profiled by the approval plan. 

Firm orders :  Cohen books are selected from a variety of reviewing sources and are slip or firm ordered.

Sally Moffitt

July 2014; revised May 2019


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