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Business Administration



Subjects covered.  The Lindner College of Business is a comprehensive business college with focus on the following areas: accounting, business law, construction management, controllership, economics, entrepreneurship, family business/entrepreneurship, finance, financial analysis, human resources, industrial management, information systems, innovation, insurance, international business, logistics, management, marketing, operations management, product information and supply management, quantitative analysis, real estate and taxation.

Departments and users served.  Accounting; Economics; Finance, Real Estate, Insurance and Risk Management; Management, Marketing; and Operations, Business Analytics, and Information Systems.

The Lindner College of Business collections receive heavy use from academic institutions with large business student populations in the 7 county area.  Local corporations and entrepreneurs also use the collection. The collection receives substantial use from other administrative offices and academic colleges and departments on campus such as Engineering, DAAP, Evening College, A&S, and east campus departments and colleges.

Quantitative information.  The College has over 100 faculty members, 3000 undergraduates, 700 master and 40 doctoral students.  


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management, Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts in Applied Economics, Master of Science in Accounting, Master of Science in Business Analytics, Master of Science in Finance, Master of Science in Information Systems, Master of Science in Marketing, Master of Science in Tax, Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting, Doctor of Philosophy in Finance, Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems, Doctor of Philosophy in Management, Doctor of Philosophy in Marketing, Doctor of Philosophy in Quantitative Analysis


Several Certificates are also offered..

Honors-Plus program. The program's goal is to graduate successful business professionals with the potential to become future business leaders.

Global Programs. Several programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including overseas programs.


The College of Business Administration is a comprehensive college offering programs in all major areas of business activity. Lindner College of Business has 7 research centers.

The Goering Center for Family-Owned and Private Business, one of the country's leading university-based family business centers, publishes an acclaimed Family Business Newsletter for 2,000 subscribers. It sponsors The Family Business Forum (a seminar program), which brings in nationally recognized speakers to address the concerns of family business owners. In 1992, the Center financed four research proposals, one of the few places in the nation to provide research funds in this area.

Other centers include: Real Estate Center, Center for Productivity Improvement, UC Entrepreneurship Center, and Total Quality Management Center.


Location of collection.  The physical business book collection is housed in the Langsam Library.  Since 2011, 90% of our books are available electronically through several vendors. Approximately 90% of the current periodical collection is available electronically through major databases or as electronic journals.  Lesser used parts of the collection are available in a storage facility (SWORD).

Other collections supporting program.

Internal: The psychology collection is of primary interest to marketing and management.  General social science methodology collections are also of considerable value.  The engineering and mathematics collections are of major interest to the QAOM Department. Other collections of importance are law, and health sciences.

External:  The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County is a source of information complementing our collections.  Business resources from government agencies and private research organizations on the Internet are utilized in most data collection activities.

General level of collecting.  Prior to 1981 support to the collection was provided at level 1 (minimal) and level 2 (basic).  Since 1981 all areas of the collection are being supported at level 3 (instructional) and level 4 (research).


Call numbers.   HA, HB, HC, HD, HF, HG, HJ, and portions of the following call number ranges: G, K, Q, QA, RA, S, T, TA, TS and Z.

Current and retrospective collecting.  The business collection purchases almost exclusively current materials.  Little retrospective collecting is done, except in the area of electronic journal back runs for titles frequently requested through document delivery or titles in new areas.  When funding permits, retrospective collecting is done to support new or weak areas. Further, care is taken to remove out-dated materials that do not represent current standards and methods.  Key classic works are preserved.

Time period collected.  Current and retrospective.

Levels of treatment.  Library collecting is directed toward support of the College's instructional and research programs at all levels.  Works collected reflect the college's dependency on theory and practice.  Selectivity is exercised in purchasing textbooks.  Excluded are:  practitioners manuals, software manuals, trade technical literature, and how-to materials.

Languages.  The language of the collection is predominantly English.  Some statistical sources are collected in the language of origin. Lately many of our U.S. based online databases, such as Factiva, have added foreign language materials to their collections.

Geographical areas.  Emphasis is placed on the U.S. and its trading partners.  Areas of the curriculum such as international finance, transnational accounting, international marketing, management of multinationals, and operations management rely on non-U.S. based publishers.

Special aspects.  A great degree of selectivity is exercised in purchasing popular materials.   "How to" books are not bought unless they represent a research oriented technique.  Budget limitations require the purchase of only major industry and business oriented periodicals unless they are part of a full-text database.  Financial newsletters and marketing research reports are not purchased except through market research databases.

Types of resources.  Serial publications and reference sources in all formats are most important for business. Government reports and statistical data sources are essential for business research.  Other sources of importance are: financial services, legal and tax services, company and industry research reports, corporate reports, proceedings of professional organizations, working papers of research organizations, journals and financial newspapers, government reports, statistical periodicals, and various monographic publications.  Dissertations are purchased as funds allow.

Resource formats.  Most business materials are online.  Films and videos are made available through the library's Multimedia Services Department.


Approval plans.  A large number of monographs are acquired through approval plans.  Several hundred business publishers are included and books are made available to us elecronically, upon publication, based on a subject and format profile.  We have in place a DDA or PDA system, by which patrons can participate in building our collection.

Direct ordering.  Direct orders are placed by the business liobrarian, through the Acquisitions Department. Faculty and student participation in this process is very important, and they are encouraged to do so.

Standing orders.  Standing orders for print and electronic formats are placed for reference materials, society publications, periodicals, databases, and other serials.

Unique sources.  Cincinnati Company Profiles; Cincinnati Executive Biographies,  Bloomberg Terminal, CRSP, COMPUSTAT, Global Insight, I.B.E.S., Investext, ORBIS and Thomson One Banker.

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