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Classics, Byzantine and Modern Greece Collection




Intellectual Level of books: Scholarly only, with the exception of popular guides to ancient/Byzantine archaeological sites and museums.

Subject covered:

  • All aspects of Aegean Prehistory, ancient Greece and Rome, Byzantium, and Greece during the Tourkokratia – literature, language, history, law, archaeology, numismatics, ancient science and technology, etc.
  • Byzantine Empire—comprehensive
  • Modern Greek critical editions of ancient Greek and Roman authors
  • Modern Greek translations of ancient authors,  if they have scholarly notes
  • Religion: the history of the Church and its relation to the Greek Nation - comprehensive
  • History: the Revolution to the present - comprehensive coverage
  • Less comprehensive coverage for the Greeks in Asia Minor and the Balkans, as well as Balkan and Ottoman history
  • Economics: Statistical and historical studies of the Greek economy – comprehensive; including Greece and its relation with the EU.
  • Geography: Historical geography of Greece – comprehensive
  • Anthropology and folklore of Greece and its neighbors – comprehensive
  • International affairs with respect to Greece and its neighbors – comprehensive
  • Education and its role in Greek nationalism – comprehensive
  • Greek law – Historical studies only
  • Architecture – historical coverage of Greek village and city architecture, city planning – comprehensive
  • Greek language and its development from antiquity to the present – comprehensive
  • Modern Greek literature (texts)--English translation only.  The collection of Modern Greek poetry and novels had to cease in the early 1990’s when the position for Modern Greek Studies bibliographer was eliminated.  We do have an excellent Modern Greek literature collection published prior to that time and we do continue to collect literary history, criticism and bibliography. 
  • Technology—Historical studies only
  • Naval and Military Science – Historical studies only
  • Bibliographies – comprehensive regarding all areas of Byzantine and Modern Greek civilization


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August 2014

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